Work Ribs Holland is a ultra-high quality manufacturer of turnkey Rigid/Inflated Boats. In every design we take some basic rules into account:

- strong handmade GRP hulls
- custom built air tubes, full foam tubes or foam/air tubes
- only high grade materials, certified if available
- waterproof electrical wiring systems
- made to measure rigging equipment
- seaworthy deep V-hull
- self-bailing when fully operational
- safe and easy handling and hoisting
- low maintenance costs 
- easy interchangeable parts

To make it easy for you as a customer/business-partner always to choose the right boat, and to keep the boats as low prized as possible, we divide the RIB market into three divisions:

1. (Fast) Rescue Boats (SOLAS/MED approved).
WRH's (Fast) Rescue Boats are unique on the market! When you purchase a WRH (Fast) Rescue Boat you will get a multipurpose Rigid/Inflated Boat as it excels as a perfect Workboat as well as a SOLAS/MED approved (Fast) Rescue Boat.

2. Workboats. 
WRH Workboats are your solution when it comes to heavy duty demands. These boats are strong-bodied and have a sophisticated design. By keeping the boat plain and simple you will get a very strong and affordable product which excels in low maintenance costs and a long duration.

3. Customized Fast Workboats.
Most of the time these RIBS are high-speed Workboats for world-wide coastguard and military services and many other professional users.

Work Ribs Holland has the best performing sea-going hull there is on the market today. In designing these boats we cooperate closely with our customers in order to produce a boat that meet the specific needs of the customer.